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Laura Yale January 5, 2015 Announcements


Deadline for New Submissions, Email Addresses, and Posts


January 15th 28th
February 15th  25th 
March 15th  31st
April 15th  28th
May 15th 26th 
June 15th 30th
July 15th  28th
August 15th  25th
September 15th  29th
October 15th  27th 
November 11th  17th
December 9th  15th/21st 

If the 15th of the month falls on a weekend, then the deadline is the following Monday.


Dan February 25, 2014 Announcements

From ClkCloud Customer Account Team


Important Information about Lists, SPAM, Cleaning and Email Verification


Here is some very important information about your monthly ClikCloud newsletter, lists and SPAM prevention procedures.  Please read it very carefully so you may understand our process and get the most from your ClikCloud newsletter service.


Lists Deadlines and Monthly Cut Off

Your monthly email newsletter is typically scheduled for the last day of each month.  We will advance the date of your newsletter to optimize for the day of the week should the last day fall on a weekend or holiday.  To ensure all list imports and content changes are included in your newsletter we need all change requests submitted 10 days in advance of the newsletter send date.



Email Marketing FAQs

How do I updated my list?

Please carefully compile for us ONE list in csv or Excel file.  Please submit to our ticketing system with Zen Desk (support@clkcloud.zendesk.com) so we track your list.  The ClikCloud Platform automatically removes duplicates and keeps track of anyone that unsubscribes.  Note: Once someone unsubscribes they will  not be added to your list again.

How do I avoid Spam?

No one likes to receive emails that did not sign up for.  We take SPAM very seriously.  We do not send emails to any purchased lists.  When we import you lists we look for a number of factors indicating your list is purchased, old or has potential for spam violations.  These issues include:

Trap email addresses planted by ISPs.

High Bounce rates (20% or more of your list has a hard/soft bounce).

How does ClikCloud clean my lists?

Once we have received your one initial list, we put it through a secure cleaning process.  We verify EACH email address to ensure it is valid (no hard/soft bounces, no traps). We also remove all free mail, admin@, sales@, info@, contact@ to ensure high quality responses and avoid traps and SPAM complaints. Note: Your monthly newsletter only goes to VERIFIED email addresses.

Why Did My List Shrink?

Once your list is cleaned you may see a reduction in numbers.  This can be as high as  70% or more if you list is NOT an opt in list.  We will mail your cleaned list to you with the explanations and status of each record.  Note:  We do not keep your failed records and reserve the right to reject a list if we believe it has risk of SPAM.


What Should I Do with my Cleaned List?

If you believe the unverifiable emails are valid and have opted in to your email marketing program, consider reaching with a personal invitation to receive your newsletter. Note:  To invite someone to your newsletter point them to the subscribe page on your ClikCloud website.

What do I do with Records Flagged as Traps?

Traps should be deleted in your contact system as well.  As well as, removing anyone that unsubscribes to your list.

Why do I need to Verify My Email with ClikCloud?

For ClikCloud to send emails on your behalf, our service provider, Mail Chimp requires us to  have permission from you.  In order to verify your email we will receive an email verification with a code from Mail Chimp.  Please FORWARD this email to your ClikCloud Account Manager.

Note: DO NOT TRY LOGGING INTO OUR CLIKCLOUD MAIL CHIMP ACCOUNT.  Your account manager will do that for you.

When do I get my Email Newsletter Campaign Reports?

Approximately three days after your campaign you will receive a campaign report including  statistics about your list.  Our reports have a lot of important data. Should you need assistance reviewing it, we are happy to help.  This is included in your monthly subscription.

Are there extra charges for larger lists?

Your ClikCloud Subscription includes a fixed number of emails that we will clean, host and send to each month.  The first cleaning is free and is included with your onboarding fee.  We will take ONE new list from you each month to add to your existing list.  Note:  If your additions increase your list by more than 20% you will incur a list cleaning fee of $50 for that month.  Also note, if a new list puts you over the number of email addresses included in your base ClikCloud Subscription, you will be charged an additional $10 per 1000 each month for list overage.

How do I add new contacts into my list?

Should you want to add new contacts to your list, please send one new list of emails per month using our ticketing system.  This should be in a csv or Excel file with first name, last name and email address.  Please make sure to send 10 days before publishing to ensure inclusion.  Large list will be subject to additional cleaning and fees.

What happens If I get SPAM Complaints or High Unsubscribes/Bounces?

What happens if you have a high number of SPAM complaints, unsubscribes or bounces and compliance issues?  You may be put on the Email Blacklist and not be able to send emails.  If your account should fail or have compliance complaints you will be suspended and we will not longer be able to send out the ClikCloud newsletter on your behalf.

Who Owns My List?

Your list of email addresses is yours!  We do not use your list for any other purpose!!!!  We do not sell any lists!  If you would like your list at any time, please submit a ticket and it will be downloaded from our system and send to you.


Best regards,

The ClikCloud Team

Dan February 18, 2013 Announcements

We set up a "Places" account as part of our google submission (included in the service). Places is a local listing (think yellow pages) for google and it is known to help with SEO.

While the listing is validated it may not be active right away as sometimes google lags a bit before displaying. If you look for your business under google maps this is where you will likely see the places listing

Dan November 14, 2012 Tips & Tricks

Q: How do I make changes on my site?

A:  The best way to submit a ticket is to visit: https://clikcloud.zendesk.com/home You should be able to set up an account and sign in with your email. You can also submit your changes via an email to support@clikcloud.zendesk.com. Our team will make your changes within 3 - 5 business days. You will be notified via email when your changes are complete. 

If you have content changes the best thing to do is to reference the page and provide details to replace "old content" with "new content" If you can narrow it down to a work or paragraph it helps us out so we don't have to re format or re design a page.

If you have a new page you need I recommend you set that up as a separate ticket. A web page should have between 250 - 500 words (300 is ideal). Don't worry about formatting or tables etc.. We can figure that out based on what is provided. Also, let us know which menu next to include it under.

If you have a problem or error it is typically a good idea to set that up as a separate ticket so we can get to it immediately or track resolution to completion if it requires research.